Fire Wire Newsletter

Special Edition 

  • PFAS Task Force Special Edition #1


    Ready to Switch Foams What Should We Do Next?

    • Confirm that your new foam is FFF.  Have FFF sample tested by an independent lab.

    • Old foam needs to be disposed of by a licensed contractor. 

    • If you have foam in on board tanks, the product needs to be re-claimed and the tanks sanitized. 

      • A list of disposal and remediation companies have been provided.  Please click here to see the list. This list is NOT an endorsement by WSFCA or the Task Force but simply a shortcut to companies that should be further vetted for your needs.  Please due diligence and investigate any company and the processes they propose.

      • Reach out to other WSFCA members that have switched to FFF as they have likely used a remediation company. 

      • Understand that these are current best practices of this somewhat elusive product.  It is possible, probable that best practices may change and other products, processes will come to market. 

      • Consider a neighborly or regional approach and not locally stockpiling large quantities of FFF. 

  • PFAS Task Force Special Edition #2