2021 WSFCA Chief of the Year Award

Award Criteria
The criteria for the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs’ Association (WSFCA) Chief of the Year Award
will be based on the criteria used by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The
rationale for this approach is that because the WSFCA is recognized by the IAFC as a
nominating organization, the winner(s) of the WSFCA Chief of the Year Award will then be
submitted for consideration for the IAFC Chief of the Year Award.
Nominations will be considered for two awards each year by the WSFCA; one for a career fire
chief and one for a volunteer fire chief.

• A volunteer fire chief is defined as one who earns his or her principal livelihood by
some means other than serving as a fire chief, even if the position of chief carries some
• A career fire chief is one who earns is or her principal livelihood as a fire chief.
• In each category the status of the fire department as a whole – paid, volunteer, or
combination – is not considered.
• Individuals who are eligible for nomination and selection as Fire Chief of the Year are
limited to active chiefs of departments. Previous Fire Chief of the Year winners are not
• Selection criteria will emphasize leadership, innovation, professional development,
integrity, service to the public and contributions to the fire service as a whole.
• All of a nominee’s fire service activities and accomplishments will be considered, but,
because this is the Fire Chief of the Year Award, special emphasis will be placed on the
previous three year period. A nominee’s command role at a major emergency incident,
while relevant, will not be enough to place that individual into contention for the award.
• Organizations are responsible for notifying its candidate to ensure that he/she is willing to
participate in the selection process for both the WSFCA and the IAFC Chief of the Year

Nomination Format
Nomination to be completed on the form below.

Four steps to prepare the official entry form:
1. Complete the official nomination form (below). Remember this is a career achievement
award, not one specific incident.
2. Include a cover letter on your organization’s letterhead describing in less than 1,000
words the nominee’s major accomplishments and why the candidate is being nominated.
3. Include a high resolution digital photo of the nominee.
4. Current resume or CV detailing the candidate’s involvement in the fire service. Limit of
three other documents supporting the candidate’s nomination, such as copies of awards,
newspaper articles, or letters from appropriate elected or appointed officials (items will
not be returned).

No politicking is permitted:
The nomination form and supporting documents comprise the entire documentation for a
candidate’s nomination. Neither the nominee nor anyone representing him or her is to contact the
WSFCA staff, directors, or any members of the nomination/selection committee after the
nomination has been made and before the final selection has been made. Any violations of this
will subject the nominee to disqualification.
The WSFCA is not responsible for submissions received past the deadline due to shipping or
electronic errors.

Nomination Deadline:
April 1st of each year.

Selection Process
Each nomination package will be reviewed by a selection committee to select the winners. The
WSFCA reserves the right to omit an award. Winners will be announced at the WSFCA Annual
Conference and will be featured in an issue of Wisconsin Fire Chief magazine.

Past Winners
Past Fire Chief of the Year Award Winners will be listed on the WSFCA website.

International Association of Fire Chiefs Nomination
The WSFCA Chief of the Year Award winners will be nominated for consideration by the IAFC
Chief of the Year Award Committee.

  Career - position is primary source of income with combination or career department.
  Volunteer - position is not primary source of income for volunteer or combination
  Cover letter on fire department letterhead describing why individual is nominated (required)
  High resolution photo of nominee (required)
  Nominee’s current resume or CV (required)
  Letter of recommendation, newspaper/magazine article (Maximum two)