Member Benefits


  • The Wisconsin Fire Chief quarterly magazine

  • A united voice in the fire service legislation.

  • The WSFCA Annual Conference - the state's largest Professional Development Event dedicated to you - A Chief Fire Officer.

  • Access to peers and colleagues - statewide expertise only a phone call away.

  • An opportunity to serve and learn from WSFCA Committee involvement.


The Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association, Inc., (WSFCA) offers three classifications of membership:

  • Active Chief Officers: The Fire Chief and Chief Officers, including Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, and Division Chiefs, Battalion Chiefs or other management level positions as endorsed by the Fire Chief, of a state of Wisconsin or federally recognized fire department in the State of Wisconsin.

  • Active Company Officers: Captains, Lieutenants or other Supervisory level positions as endorsed by the Fire Chief, of a State of Wisconsin or federally recognized fire department in the State of Wisconsin.

  • Associate: Any individual, municipality, organization or business having a commitment to fire service.


The Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association, Inc., (WSFCA) constantly monitors and provides input to Regulatory and Legislative issues. You will regularly receive information regarding current legislation affecting you and your department. 

You can shape the future of the Fire Service through representation on one or more of WSFCA’s committees.

Current Committees include:

  • Legislative

  • Conference

  • Golf Outing

  • Membership

  • Educational Offerings 

  • Nominating & Credentials 

  • Fire Prevention & Fire Investigation

  • EMS

  • Resolutions

  • Constitution & Bylaws

  • Heroism Award


Our membership is the strongest asset of WSFCA. When you join WSFCA you have a direct-link to your colleagues across the state and beyond. 

This network enables you to save time and learn from your peers in Volunteer, Career, Combination, Industrial and International departments. We listen to you, keep you in touch with changes, offer a host of practical benefits and provide cost-effective professional development. Don’t reinvent the wheel – call WSFCA with your challenges, and we’ll connect you to solutions!


No other Fire Service Organization provides the outstanding professional development opportunities available through the WSFCA. 

WSFCA speaks to your immediate educational needs. From technical sessions on implementing Automatic Life Safety Systems and Drug Testing to Management Workshops on Media Relations and Effective Revenues Generation. 

Also Available to you is the WSFCA sponsored Annual Conference. Each year Chief Fire Officers gather statewide to share the problems and solutions facing the Fire Service Manager.


WSFCA is your PROVEN PARTNER! WSFCA will work for you today to help shape the future of the Fire Service tomorrow. 

If you want to continue to be an effective Chief Fire Officer, you need WSFCA and WSFCA needs you! 

We look forward to welcoming you as a new WSFCA Member!

To apply, please download and complete the membership application or click below to register online.